Saturday, 21 April 2012

Shoes, shoes, shoes...

For those not crazy about shoes, stop reading now. But if like me, a portion of your brain is dedicated solely to your footwear get ready to feast your eyes on my next post; bridesmaid shoes. I want to spoil my bridesmaids with some lovely shoes for the day, I also need to stay within the strict budget my Dad has set, so I've been trawling the net for inspiration and here is what I have come up with.  Initialy I was set on silver, but when I tried silver next to the dresses it looked really harsh and not nice. Bum! The shoe portion of my brain began to shed tears, silver is my fail safe go to, what now?! Not to worry, Mum came to the rescue, she had in her cupboard (some actually very nice...I owe my shoe addiction to her) ivory shoes, we put them next to the dresses and yay! Crisis is what I have found as possibles so far...I've tried to find different shoes that I think will suit the different girls so they can choose which they like and not all have the same :0)

PS....I'm not posting an image of the dresses, that's for me and my VIP girls to know and everyone else to see on the day ;0)

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