Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Let them eat cake...yum...

We had two jobs this week; cake and rings. Gary threw himself whole heartedly into both (...I am a lucky bride to be..) although...could it be that I had arranged the rings appointment to fall on the way to a cake tasting? mmmmmmm..... we trotted to 'Three Tier Cakes' in Halifax armed with my lovingly but shabbily put together mood board and the 5 cake stands I seem to have acquired over the course of planning my big day. First of all we tasted cake, and it was goooooood cake! There was chocolate fudge, madeira, carrot, fruit, chocolate orange and lemon...cake heaven! I could have had them all, but in the end we have gone for chocolate fudge, chocolate orange and lemon drizzle. I tell you what, so many people have said they never have a slice of their own wedding cake, after tasting those I will be trampling over anyone in my way to get a piece!
So what will it look like? Well apparently, I am ahead of the crowd! (well, in little old Halifax anyway). We are having a shabby chic/vintage/rustic 4 tier creation spread across 3 of my 5 cake stands. (maybe I should get some fondant fancies for the spare 2?) They'll be different colours, cream, white and shell pink and whipped to perfection with icing. Yum!

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