Thursday, 5 April 2012

128 days to go...

So..this is my first ever blog post!

Last year I watched the film 'Julie & Julia' in which 'Julie' blogs about her quest to cook all of Julia Childs recipes...I fancied having a go but couldn't get my head around what I would talk about. That is, until I got engaged.

I've been dreaming of my wedding for approximately 29 years (I'll be 32 in May) and now, I have just 4 months until the big day arrives. Up until now I have loved planning every aspect of the day; trying endless dresses on (and buying two along the way), visiting gorgeous venues and picking pretty flowers...I am sure that now I am on the 'homestrech' it's going to get more exciting, maybe stressful, maybe tearful...but I'll love it all the same...

If anyone reads this, I hope you enjoy my big day journey with me, or maybe my blog will just become a nice diary I can one day show my children (fingers crossed). Either way, let's wait and see!

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