Sunday, 22 April 2012

I've been shredded...

I am determined that I will win my battle with the biscuit tin which I now refer to as 'Mission Wedding Dress' and so with this in mind I have embarked on the dvd phenomenon (or so Amazon says) that is Jillian Michaels '30 Day Shred'. All you have to do is complete the dvd for 20 minutes every day. This to me is perfect; get home, put nice tea in oven, jig around living room for 20 minutes, eat nice tea, relax.

Now lets re visit the 'jig around room' part. My god is it hard! It's like having a military trainer in your front room with you, I swear at times she is going to reach out of the TV and kick my butt herself during the 30 seconds of (you guessed it) 'butt kicks' and just as I'm about to collapse in a heap and miss the last press up she shouts 'Don't you dare give up, you want to work out in just 20 minutes? You got to work HARD' so now I feel guilty as well as being bright red with jelly arms.... but....strange at as it seems, I actually quite like it, so will keep going.

If Jillian thinks I'm progressing to level 2 though, she can forget it, that's what the mute button is for :0) .

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